Virgo Full Moon Card Reading

◊February 2019◊

Using the magic of the Full Moon and your own intuition, you will be guided to select one of three cards. Each card will hold an intuitively guided message that will provide you with insights and clarity on your journey right now. 

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Quiet your mind by taking 3 deep breaths. Repeat the following- "Dear Universe, please guide me to the card that contains the message most perfect for me that will help support me best right now."
  • Step 2: Look at the cards (picture will be provided) and then allow your intuition to guide you to pick one.
  • Step 3: Read the channeled message for your chosen card. Read it through at least three times to allow the intuitively guided messages to sink in.

While everyone will get the same choice of cards, each passage is downloaded from the Universe, and written from my heart to yours. You can trust that you will be drawn to the message that is perfect for you.

Each passage is around 500 words and it's recommended to read it through at least three times to allow all of the channeled information to sink in.

This reading is best done on or within 7 days either side of the Full Moon. If you wish, you can do the reading multiple times, just wait at least 3 days in between each.


After Ordering:

You should automatically be redirected to download your reading. A copy of the reading will also be emailed to you. Please check your spam folder. If you are not redirected to download the reading, or if the email is still not in your inbox within a few hours, please email me at info@foreverconscious.com and I will personally email you a copy of the reading.

Reading is downloaded as a PDF file

Questions or issues? Please email- info@foreverconscious.com

Thank You!♥